Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling

Each person’s financial situation is unique, and NODA’s one-on-one counseling assists families in developing personalized action plans for improving credit, reducing debt, preparing for homeownership, recovering from financial setbacks, and maintaining homeownership.

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Credit Counseling

NODA offers credit counseling to assist families in acquiring the skills needed to maintain a positive credit rating and repair past credit blemishes. Topics covered include: budgeting, credit scoring, and the importance of credit in today’s financial market.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

NODA offers housing counseling to those interested in homeownership who may need direction to reach their dream of economic security. Sessions guide clients through the home-buying process, covering topics including: preparing for homeownership, choosing and closing a mortgage, and maintaining a house.

Default Delinquency/Foreclosure Counseling

NODA offers free default delinquency/foreclosure counseling to help combat the increase in mortgage foreclosures and preserve homeownership. Sessions will focus on identifying the default or delinquency, working with the lender on behalf of the client, connecting the client to appropriate resources, and exploring potential solutions.