NOHDA strives to offer a variety of supportive services to not only address immediate needs, but develop the skills necessary to achieve long-term financial stability. Recipients of NOHDA’s services are better prepared to avoid future financial pitfalls, and gain a strong foundation that enables them to pursue other aspirations. Most of our services benefit underserved and low-income individuals and those residing in low or moderate-income communities. When more members of our community have access to financial opportunities, these investments build stronger, more stable neighborhoods and positively impact our local economy. It is our mission that all of these efforts, combined with other local resources, will provide our community with the key to unlock a hopeful future.

Journey to the Dream

Journey to the dream is a Pre-Purchase Counseling Program that empowers its participants by equipping them with the financial tools to become homeowners. Of the program graduates, an average of 22% of families will be pre-approved for their home within 90 days of enrollment, with an additional 24% preapproved within six months to one year. There are five steps in Journey to the Dream:

    • Step One: Financial Assessment
    • Step Two: Pathways to Homeownership Course
    • Step Three: Homeownership Budgeting and Goals
    • Step Four: Structured Financial Counseling
    • Step Five: Mortgage Referral Services
    • Upon graduation of this program, the participants are given a certificate of completion that provides access to grant funds from the City of Toledo for down payment assistance and reasonable closing costs, access to information regarding programs with local banks and community organizations offering lending and grant services, and lastly, ongoing credit, housing, and budgeting counseling

Home Purchase Individual Development Account Program

The IDA program is a unique matched savings program for low and moderate-income individuals and families to be used specifically for building assets and, in turn, building personal wealth.  The Home Purchase Individual Development Account (IDA) Program is a program that assists low income households in purchasing their first home through systematic savings, matched cash incentives and home purchase education/counseling. The monetary incentive is match of an individual’s savings for a home purchase with a minimum of $8 for every $1 dollar that the individual saves. The maximum amount of match is $4000.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream is a Post-Purchase Counseling Program that provides families and individuals with continued education and foreclosure prevention services. This program is a proactive approach to education, counseling, and community empowerment to ensure that families are maintaining self-sufficiency through homeownership and revitalizing their neighborhoods. The Living the Dream program assists current homeowners through a variety of educational courses, counseling services and community leadership projects. An overview of the program includes:

  • Homeownership Budgeting and Goal Setting
  • Building Wealth Classroom Course
  • Home Maintenance Workshops
  • Block Watch Initiatives
  • Home Sweet Home Awards for neighborhood beautification
  • Home Repair Grants through partnered organizations

Classes and Workshops

Through our education programs, we create opportunities that empower people to reach financial independence. A variety of classes are offered on an ongoing basis, helping households gain the essential tools for developing a saving and investing plan, maintaining credit, and setting personal financial goals.

Financial Counseling

Each person’s financial situation is unique, and NOHDA’s one-on-one counseling assists families in developing personalized action plans for improving credit, reducing debt, preparing for homeownership, recovering from financial setbacks, and maintaining homeownership.

Community Recognition

Home Sweet Home Awards This awards program recognizes the significance of neighborhood beautification in creating strong, safe, well-connected communities.